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We have been manufacturing vacuum formed presentation products of the highest quality, since 1979. Our experienced sales team will be only to glad to help you with any new or existing projects within your company.

If you would like a visit from a member of our sales team to discuss your project please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have cases that can hold most combinations of media and product that you can think of. These are quality vacuum formed PVC cases that are extremely suitable for training packs, etc. We hold over 200 different tools and designs, with over 300 different configurations.

If you require your own print sealed inside the cover of a case we can encapsulate this for you. This will personalise or give your product a corporate look that a quality product deserves.

Also in our range, is our polypropylene document box that comes in a variety of colours and shapes to suit your product for example videos, audio's, gift packaging and documents.

We employ approximately 20 people who are given instructions and training on the production and above all the quality of our products that are manufactured in our Factory.

Our standard cases are black, white or grey (other colours, including Clear, can be ordered), with a clear wrap on the outside for printed material.






Our Products

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We work closely with our customers to achieve outstanding results in the presentation and quality of your product. Your merchandise will not only be cleverly and handsomely presented, but will safely and securely hold your material.


Our goods are made to last. 

Our Products
Our Products